Purity 925, a stylish brand for everyday wear.
Every occasion is an opportunity to wear your favourite piece of Purity 925 jewellery, whether you are going to work, meeting with friends at the coffee shop, or celebrating at a sparkling red carpet event. Even that magical wedding day is catered for as the brand provides stylish, beautifully designed and affordable jewellery for all members of the bridal party.
All categories now include multi coloured gold plated options focusing on the latest 'Rose Gold' fashion trend. Rose gold has made its way to the fashion forefront in jewellery trends. Many designers are showing new pieces in two-colour and rose-coloured gold. Purity 925 adds this new dimension to its already successful offering.
Fashion writers and bloggers are commenting on Rose gold trending in fashion and jewellery. With the watch brands leading, jewellery has followed, being seen in many new collections, featuring on the high street and also in 2015 Bridal trends.

Mixing and matching white, rose and yellow gold plating on silver gives the look of gold but without the price tag.
Purity 925 continues to be the sought after brand.
Purity 925 is a jewellery wardrobe, there's something for everyone.

Every piece comes with its own beautifully colour co ordinated presentation case - gives that wow factor!

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