Sundial watches began with a simple conversation that took place, in passing, between a watch designer and his photographer friend. The photographer spent his time in search of shots that inspire, invoke and inform. In his quest to capture the essence of his subject, light was his greatest ally.
As they spoke about their shared passion, the watch designer was struck by the links between light and timekeeping. He looked at the way light casts a shadow on a simple sun dial to ‘create time’ – the simple predictability of the sun passing over our heads creating time and order in our days.
The watch designer began to think about producing a state-of-the-art timepiece that incorporates modern watchmaking technology and the simple purity of light. He thought about a watch that would unlock the energy stored in light, to give the wearer effortless reliability with quartz precision.
Sundial was born – a watch to represent the synergy of art and science, like photography itself.

Launching in June 2016 after more than one year of development and prototyping, Sundial is a collection of light-powered watches with contemporary styling and a high level of fit and finish.
The collection has been carefully designed for maintenance-free use without compromise on appearance.
Since no battery change is required, no removable back is needed – just the simplicity of a beautiful monocoque case, finely crafted from a single piece of domed steel and ideal for engraving.
Sundial delivers the perfect harmony of form and function, with a design that is pleasing to hold and perfect to wear.

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