Selecting your Wedding Ring

wedding ring colour

Wedding rings come in a range of widths, weights, colours texture and patterns not to mention the stone set options. The first consideration is the colour, red, white or yellow. Secondly the profile of the ring must be considered to get the look and fit right next to the enagagement ring, domed or flat and height (which is referred to as wall thickness, this will be how high the ring sits on the finger), all of this affects the weight which of course reflects the price.

wedd ring profile

A court or comfort fit, rounded on the inside for comfort, the outside can be flat, low or high dome.


D shape has a flat inside and a low or high dome on the outside 

A flat profile has a flat inside and outside 

You really do need to try the ring on next to your engagement ring and on its own to judge if the style is right for you.

Get in touch and I would be more than happy to go thru all of this with you.

Just give yourself enough time to go through the process a couple of times until you are happy with your choice, allowing enough time for the ring to be made for you - 20 working days is the average.

For the man himself the choice starts again, with colour, then profile for comfort and then pattern - polish, matt or brushed, even grooved lines, or a combination.

So why not call in and start the convsersation - look forward to seeing you soon.

Best regards