GUIDE: How to Protect Your Jewellery During the Summer

Sunset in Mullaghmore

GUIDE: How to Protect Your Jewellery During the Summer, by Hagerty.

Did you know that sunshine or a trip to the beach can cause damage to your jewellery? We present you with a quick guide for taking care of your jewellery
A piece of jewellery can be the perfect accessory for your summer outfit. The rays of sun reflect beautifully in the shiny metals and gems. But did you know that the sun, seawater, sunscreen, sweat and chlorinated water can cause damage to your jewellery and leave them less shiny? Jewellery responds to what it is being exposed to. Silver jewellery, in particular, can become matt and lose its natural shine.
We present you with an easy way for restoring your jewellery’s natural shine. We advise you to use the right products to care for your jewellery.
GIVE YOUR JEWELLERY A BATH Give your jewellery a Hagerty bath after a lovely day in the sun. Follow the instructions on the packaging and watch how the natural shine is restored, just like it was when you bought it. Rinse the jewellery with lukewarm water. Buff the jewellery with a specially treated polishing cloth, treated with tarnish fighting and inhibiting ingredients. Perfect to prevent tarnish!
BRING A POLISHING CLOTH Are you in a hurry or going on a holiday? Make sure you bring a specially treated polishing cloth with you. Simply stick the cloth in your purse and you’ll be able to easily clean your jewellery on the fly. Carefully buff your items with the cloth to restore the natural shine and to prevent tarnish from setting in. Do take care to wash your hands afterwards.
WHAT DO I NEED? All jewellery is different, made with different materials and techniques. That is why there are different Hagerty polishing products to match each material type. Ask your jeweller for advice on how to best treat your jewellery.
Always use gloves when using the Hagerty cleaning products. Hagerty products may only be used in a well-ventilated room.