Ring Size Chart

 Check you ring size more than once
As your finger size changes due to temperature, when you are heated up, either from execise/work or the weather your finger will swell and when cold vice versa, so it is advisable to check your finger size more than once, 3 times would not be excessive. It is more beneficial to have it correct from the start rather than have to pay to have multiple resizings carried out.
Inspect your ring regularly
For wear and thinning of the band, security of the stones and any damage, cracks etc. It is more economical to deal with these issues as they arise rather than let develop to the point of a costly rebuild.
Is it too tight
Keep a check on the fitting of your ring, if it is too tight and hard to remove it may be time to have it sized up to avoid a medical bill, or if too loose have it sized down rather than loosing it!...once it's gone it's gone.